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The Holy Grail of Matchbook Cover Collecting

The Charles Lindbergh Covers

Conversations With A Collector of 70+ Years

The Early Years

In this first video of our series, Jack talks about his early days of collecting matchbook covers.  Like many in the hobby, it was an interesting start.

The Accumulator

Early on, Jack realized he was an accumulator an not a collector.  He's never come across a matchcover that he hasn't liked!  700k covers later...

No Specialization Here!

Jack's known as a "general" collector as he doesn't specialize in any one category like many collectors are known to do.  He collects 'em all!

Memory Lane

In this video, Jack reminisces about his time in the hobby, matchcover conventions along with other highlights while collecting.

Mother's Impact

Jack recalls how his mother play a significant role in the early days of his collecting matchbook covers.

Great DQ Confusion

In video 6 of our matchcover discussion, Jack recalls a humorous story regarding his first foray into collecting Diamond Qualitys.

A Blotter Matchcover?

n video #7 of our talking matchcovers series, Jack talks about one of his favorite categories - the BlotR matchcover.

Lindbergh Covers

In this, the 8th and final video of our talking matchcovers series, Jack talks about two of his prized matchcovers - the Lindbergh covers.