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Conversations With A 7 Decade Matchbook Collector

Early Years

In this discussion, Jack discusses the how and the why he got involved in collecting matchbook covers.


Accumulator to Collector

How Jack went from an accumulator of matchcovers to an actual collector of matchcovers is discussed.


No Specialization Here

Jack's never seen a matchcover he hasn't liked, so it was only natural not to specialize as a collector, leading to an incredible collection!


A Walk Down Memory Lane

In this video, Jack discusses a number of topics relating to his years in the hobby and how things have changed.


A Mother's Impact

Jack talks about the impact his mother had on his collection. The horror!


The DQ Story

In this discussion, Jack talks about a misconception he held for years regarding DQ's


Blotter On A Matchcover?

Jack talks about one of his oldest as well as favorite categories - The Blot-R.


The Lindbergh Covers

In this discussion, Jack talks about how he came to own to very rare matchcovers.